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Traveling once again

So many people are traveling once again for work, pleasure, time with family, I guess it was time for us to do the same. We flew in early to Nashville for the Vistage Chairworld conference, and convinced my husband Paul’s brother Tom and his wife Judy to join us from their home in NE Tennessee. First up, we tried some of the local beers and enjoyed the music scene. By days end, when we returned to the hotel, Chairs were arriving from all over the world and the energy that comes from being with your most respected and loved peers was flowing.



How do you get your books these days? Many people are using Audible to listen to books rather than reading them in a written format. In fact, so many more people today are listening to books rather than reading them, it has become a revenue source for authors, publishers and especially Amazon, who of course, owns Audible.  >