Innovation versus innovative process

Have you ever noticed that innovators talk really fast? It seems like the ideas are flooding their brain 3 times faster than the mouth can talk…or than the listener can process. Sometimes, before you can ask a question, they are on to another idea. Those who excel at innovative processes tend to talk slower. Their […]

Sensemaking is a leadership skill

In a Vistage webinar on Friday, Dave Nelson commented that in the list of required leadership skills for successful leaders, perhaps the most important one in this moment, beyond, vision, drive, effective decisionmaking, ability to attract and retain top talent, etc. was sensemaking. His talk was about AI, but this captured my attention immediately. What […]

15 minute check-in

  Marcus Buckingham, author of First, Break All The Rules and 9 other books spoke to the Vistage Community about Love + Work his latest work. He described how in speaking with the HR Directors of publicly traded companies about love at work – loving your employees, loving your customers, they couldn’t even use the […]

Got patience?

Not patience? Let’s line up at the starting line and let’s go! We don’t have time to wait for stragglers. Last one in is a rotten egg.

A+ process vs. A+ players

Nora Paller A+

Which is more important to your organization – A+ process or A+ players? That’s a tough question, isn’t it? You are probably thinking that you need both. And, yes, you do need both. But not every process or every team member has to be A+. Good thing, huh? How could you find all A+ players […]

Create agency


When the pandemic sent millions of people to work from home, each one had to figure out how to connect in to work with perhaps their own old laptop and their phone. Laptops were sold out. Laptop cameras were not available. Internet speeds were too slow. Schools were shut down so kids too had to […]

Fishing is down, phishing is up

Nora Paller Blog Phishing

After 3 Vistage meetings this week where Technology Strategic Planning speaker, Joe Beaulieu,  spent at least 40 minutes discussing Cybersecurity, I came home to find a phishing email addressed to 2 of the meeting attendees from a third. I texted the supposed sender with a photo of the email and he immediately replied “phishing”.

Confirmation bias

How often do you catch yourself looking for only those opinions that agree with your own? That, my friend, would be confirmation bias: only looking/listening to those who agree with you. While that seems to be a time honored tradition in politics, it is not good in business.

Define what winning looks like

Nora Paller blog

Perhaps it is clear in your mind what winning looks like in your organization. Perhaps, you think your team is aligned around the same vision. Do you test your assumptions? Do you ask them what winning looks like for them?

Give Finance some love

For most of the US, taxes were due last week. For most counties in California, all returns AND tax payments have been delayed until October. Yay for us, not so good for the tax preparers come September. So let’s give Finance some love now.