Execute like a project management pro

Let’s be honest, a great strategy poorly executed doesn’t make it versus your competitors. A pretty good strategy well executed will beat you every time. So, shouldn’t you be focused on executing more effectively? Sure you say, but how?   This week Andrea Jones showed my Vistage groups how to Execute Easier. Becoming more organized […]

Short bursts of play

Bogie, my standard poodle, burst into my office with a toy he found on a walk and ran around daring me to chase him – which of course I jumped up and did. For 5 minutes, I chased him and threw his toy until he was done, and so was I. If you have kids […]

Adults need play, too!

Nora Group 2

When was the last time you had a weekend to get away and play with your friends? This weekend my Eastside CEO group worked and played together at South Lake Tahoe.

Short and then long

Nora Paller BizPie Blog

Does it feel like whiplash sometimes switching from thinking short term then long term, then short and then long? Ai yai yai! This economy is crazy making. How do you manage your thinking and your response?

Feral Invasive Species

At 5 am, the dog barks at the burros wandering down the street outside our hotel. Again, at 5:20, and every 20 minutes thereafter until we got up.  Cindy, the owner of the Atomic Inn in Beatty, NV, (just outside Death Valley National Park) described the burros as a feral invasive species.  I called them […]

Role changes

Your company grew 30% so far this year. Yahoo! Guess what? This may cause role changes for you. Are you good with that?

Seek first to understand and other great habits from Stephen Covey

In 1989 Stephen Covey wrote The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It is still a source of wisdom to me and one of the few books I revisit to align to my true north. My 2 favorite habits are  “Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.” and “Begin with the end in […]

Stories and Pictures

My friend, Pam, visiting from Seattle, inspired a trip to the Grand Central Market and Little Tokyo in downtown LA. When guests ask you about your town, what do you say? What do you show them?

Culture Committee

Does your company have a culture committee? Before you swipe left, let me say that they are present in Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and everything in between. What are they and why would you have them? Let’s start with why people start them.

Jobs and skills not matching

Jobs are going vacant and skilled/educated people are unemployed. Whatttt? Or should I say, why?Are jobs and skills not matching? Who is supposed to address this? We say that you must have a college degree to get a good job and when the young people amass a mountain of student debt to get them, they […]