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GPT – chat with me

If you are not exploring Chat-GPT and other applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you are already way behind. Does it matter/? Well, yes! In my Vistage CEO meetings this month, we spent 2 hours discussing what they have discovered and how they are using it within their companies.  We learned from some of the smartest people we know – our fellow Vistage members – new ways to use Chat-GPT to get ahead of other businesses who aren’t deep into the exploration. >

Take it off line…

For the second meeting in a row, Vistage Member and IT Guru Alan Sugano walked into the room and called for a def-com alert. And, like that old E.F. Hutton commercial, when Alan talks, we all listen. Like an earthquake or a mudslide or a serious fire, this may never happen…but if it does there is an 85% likelihood that your business will not survive even 90 days. Did I get your attention? >