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Is your normal “normal”?

The acupuncturist pushed her thumbs into the side of my hip and I yelped in pain. Acute, sharp pain. As she worked that area it was excruciating. When I went home I felt it open up and I was able to stretch it out. Three weeks later she did it again. How could I feel so normal when my hip was tied in knots? >

Ahh Mothers’ Day – it’s complicated

“Wait til you have your own kids!” said my Mom and, “I hope you have 12 kids just like you!” And after a day spent with my young children she said, “Oh, my g-d, they are just like you!” 10 years to the day after she died, I still relish the comments my Mom made in exasperation. Ahhh Mother’s Day -it’s complicated. >

Commit to joy

Two things came together in my decision to make a Key Lime Slab Pie today: 1. I’ve been eyeing the Key Limes dropped around my neighbors tree unused for the last week, and 2. I bought Paul a ceramic pie slab and rolling pin for Christmas. You are probably wondering if Paul was the real beneficiary of the gifts, and I must confess, I’ve been more excited about them than he is.

So, why talk about my baking today? In my Vistage groups this month, we all did an exercise for 2022 goal planning. We each wrote down goals for health, wealth, business and joy. Then we shared them in small groups. They will all be adding them to a group tracking sheet and we will check back quarterly to see how they are doing.

Of course they had thought out their business goals. And health is often a topic of conversation in New Year’s planning. The one most energizing to discuss was goals around joy. First off, identifying what brings joy in this moment of our lives. We all have some habits or at least activities that we enjoy. Cooking for me is a daily pleasure. Just washing and chopping vegetables for a salad makes me happy. Weird, huh? Since we set our goals I’ve been paying attention to what brings me small moments of joy and trying to increase them. It doesn’t hurt anyone else and makes me more fun to be around.

So while the pie crust is cooling down for my pie, I’m writing this blog which also gives me joy  to write. For you, it might be playing or listening to music. Or playing video games or tennis. Do you notice the word  “play” keeps coming up?  If you have not already committed to goals for next year, please commit to joy and add play to what you will do in 2022. You won’t be the only one who benefits.

People are people everywhere

On our first day in Cairo, the tour guide greeted us with an eye rolling cliche – people are people everywhere. He continued: we want you to get to know the people of Egypt, not just our amazing historical buildings. Our guide in Jordan echoed similar sentiments. >

Survival of the fitter

Perhaps you have hear the phrase from Darwin of survival of the fittest. It was a paraphrase of his studies of animal behavior all over the world. Perhaps you have also heard the story of the 2 guys lost in the jungle who hear a tiger roar. The first guy says we better run faster than that tiger. The second guy turns to him and says ” I don’t have to run faster than the tiger, I just have to run faster than you.” >

Getting old?

There are many ways in which all of us are aging, but are you getting old?  I didn’t think of myself as old before the pandemic when being over 65 became a dangerous health condition. I worked long hours. I skied hard. I felt good most of the time. As a Vistage Chair, I was constantly exposed to the latest trends in business and paid close attention to future trends. None of that has changed.


It’s spooky

Halloween decorations went up in my neighborhood mid-September. Finally, we have arrived to the BIG DAY, and thank goodness! The witches and spiders and pumpkins in my yard are beginning to look a bit tired and bedraggled. >

Click refresh

You refresh your computer. More emails show up. You get new information. How many times each day do you refresh your computer? What about yourself? >