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How old is old?

I was in my teens when the mantra was “don’t trust anyone over 30”. Y2K was going to crash the internet but it didn’t. Singing about “when I’m 64” was hilarious until it was comforting. All those wise sages who said pay into retirement in your 20’s were actually right. I guess I am officially old. But, I don’t feel “old” How old is old? >

Every day habits

Play that old game with me where you take a phrase and change the emphasis on the key word to explore how that changes the meaning. Let’s start with every day HABITS. >

The value of things

Two days ago, our cruise ship, the Viking Mars pulled into Lofoten, Norway, where fishing for Arctic Cod has been a mainstay for over 1000 years. The cod spawn there each January and men from all over Norway would go there to fish. They would hang the fish to dry and because it doesn’t quite freeze and the winds blow all the time, the fish didn’t need to be salted to be dried. They call their product “stock fish”. That and meager farming provided subsistence for centuries. >

Appreciating Father’s Day

You may be surprised to find out that Father’s Day did not become a US national holiday until 1972. In most European and Latin American countries, fathers are celebrated on St. Joseph’s day – March 19th – which is also celebrated as the day the swallows return to the Mission of San Juan Capistrano, in California. (fun fact). It seems like holidays emerge as a way to bring us together to remember or celebrate important events. >

What is your legacy?

We spent a lovely sunset cruising the Newport Harbor celebrating the 80th birthday of our dear friend and fellow Vistage Chair – Rick Leckey. I was shocked to learn that Rick was 80 and when he joked he was really turning 60, I had to agree he looked that youthful. Going strong with no plans to retire. Vistage Chairs are like that. Purpose shines an internal light and keeps the outer shell (the body) a little healthier.

Many guests spoke with thanks about who Rick is as a friend, a mentor and a wise Chair. Several thanked him for guiding them along a wiser path than they were choosing for themselves.It was lovely.

On the drive home, a familiar song came on from The Temptations. Perhaps you recognize the lyrics

Papa was a rolling stoneWherever he laid his hat was his homeAnd when he died, all he left us was alone

Which legacy would you choose? If you don’t think you can change your legacy from today forward, permit me to share what my brother Joe said at our mother, Marilyn Paller’s, funeral. As background, Mom died at 87 after many years of struggling with diabetes and then kidney failure. My brother had a strained relationship with her for most of his life and I was surprised to hear him say how much he admired Mom in his eulogy. He said that most people get meaner as they age when struggling with health issues, limitations and the end of life. Marilyn became a nicer person, less judgmental, who did not complain about her life. Instead she made you welcome and wanted to hear about your life. He hoped to be more like that as he continued to age.

Who do you want to leave with good memories? What is one thing you could do this week to make your legacy an even better one?

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Photo of Rick Leckey and Beth Adkisson, Newport Beach, CA.

Inflation hacks? Ask a boomer

1980 had to be the worst year for inflation rates in the last 100 years. They were over 10% and some months were over 14%. Home mortgages rates were over 18% for fixed and lots of home sellers were taking back a note at 12% -betting that rates would come down which they did a few years later. How do I know all this? I lived it. >

Fear of being seen

From the time we are born, we are instructed in who we should be to be accepted. We learn not to cry for no reason, how to walk, where and when to eat and pee. Once we learn to talk, we are told when we can talk, when not to talk. As grown ups, we show the world that part of ourselves that is acceptable per our training. All of this leads into a fear of being seen for who we truly are. >

Schedule fun!

It shocks me how few business leaders plan fun into their busy schedules. Somehow, they think fun will just show up. Maybe it does for you. If not, let’s plan some laughs for 2023. >

Joyous holidays!

It is all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? Here is my 70 pound poodle looking twice my size. Is that the way your troubles look?

May you and your family have joyous holidays and may we all be refreshed for the New Year!

See you in 2023.

Walk for it!

As we went around the room expressing one thing for which we are grateful, the one most commonly repeated was for our health. In fact, one Vistage Member quoted an Indian proverb “A man with his health has 1000 dreams, a man without it has only one.” All heads nodded. So what are you doing to improve your health? I suggest you walk for it. >