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Click refresh

You refresh your computer. More emails show up. You get new information. How many times each day do you refresh your computer? What about yourself? >

Retire to?

With several successful sales among Members of my groups, a new question has arisen, what to retire to? >

Plot it!

We got one of those calls last Sunday morning that you do not look forward to – Paul’s cousin, Dennis Connolly had stopped breathing at the rehab center. Almost 82 years old, he left no children – Paul was his closest relative. What now? >

To Moms and Momalas and Aunties and G’mas

Today is that day that my Mom always dismissed as a Hallmark Holiday. To her, it was a made-up day to sell greeting cards. For the florists, it may be the beginning of recovery from the pandemic. And for many it is a reminder of something or someone they miss. >


From the time I was young and impatient to be a teenager and then an adult and then a manager and then an owner and then to sell and so on, I wondered if there would ever be a time when I was content to just be. At 66 years old, the answer is still no. But I’m seeing glimmers in this new role of grandparent. >

From the heart

I bolted awake at 4:30 this morning. My heart was pumping, my eyes shot open and I was flooded with joy. I reached over and held Paul’s arm gently, not wanting to wake him. The joy of a safe arrival of a new baby in the family. Our granddaughter,Olive, joined this world at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. >

Shot of hope

Rain poured down at 5 p.m. as we joined the double-line of cars snaking into Dodger Stadium for our 5:10 appointments for the Moderna Covid vaccine. Paul plugged in his phone and we continued listening to the book we’ve been listening to on our long drives to Mammoth – the Splendid and the Vile – about London under attack during WW2. It seemed exceedingly appropriate to listen to as we have sheltered from the attack of Covid. >