How old is old?

I was in my teens when the mantra was “don’t trust anyone over 30”. Y2K was going to crash the internet but it didn’t. Singing about “when I’m 64” was hilarious until it was comforting. All those wise sages who said pay into retirement in your 20’s were actually right. I guess I am officially […]

We make assumptions….

Nora Paller blog

In life, we make assumptions all the time. I’m feeling good today, so I assume I will feel good tomorrow. If I put away money each month, I will have enough to pay for repairs for a car breaking down. Forecasting on a larger scale works the same way. If 10,000 people a day retire […]

Survey says?

If you ever watched Family Feud, you are familiar with the phrase “survey says?”. Contestants guessed the most popular answers to surveys taken of a relevant group and won prizes for the most accurate answers. Vistage surveys its Members with less than $20mm in annual sales and you can find the August report here.

Preparing FOR change

The rains have started as Hurricane Hilary moves on shore into California. The path has shifted east so Los Angeles will not be in the center.  When we left Mammoth yesterday to make sure we prepared in LA, we didn’t think Mammoth would be directly in the path.  Now it is. Mammoth had 70 feet […]

Give Finance some love

For most of the US, taxes were due last week. For most counties in California, all returns AND tax payments have been delayed until October. Yay for us, not so good for the tax preparers come September. So let’s give Finance some love now.

What is your legacy?

We spent a lovely sunset cruising the Newport Harbor celebrating the 80th birthday of our dear friend and fellow Vistage Chair – Rick Leckey. I was shocked to learn that Rick was 80 and when he joked he was really turning 60, I had to agree he looked that youthful. Going strong with no plans […]

Fear of being seen

From the time we are born, we are instructed in who we should be to be accepted. We learn not to cry for no reason, how to walk, where and when to eat and pee. Once we learn to talk, we are told when we can talk, when not to talk. As grown ups, we […]

Managing your speed

Skiing down a wide intermediate run at June Mountain. our friend Denis was topping 46 mph on a beautiful bluebird day. I didn’t try to keep up but was not far behind. Non-skiers would ask if that was safe, and if we were wearing helmets. Yes and yes. It is all about managing your speed.

Be-Do-Have strategy

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In Vistage we have an exercise called be-do-have where in a particular situation you evaluate who are you being? what are you doing? and what do you have to get to a result? In relation to your goals for 2023, what is your be-do-have strategy?

Managing amidst the uncertainty…

What an interesting week! Twitter falling apart, tech companies laying off, inflation stabilizing but high, stock market going up, mid-term elections going calmly – so much happening. Add to that the continuing Russian defeats, meeting of global leaders over climate change and Xi and Biden about to meet in Indonesia, Hard to know the best […]