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Committed to Growing as Leaders

This week my Chief Executive Vistage groups got together in person for the first time in 15 months. Wow! It was so sweet. There were so many lovely side conversations before starting, during breaks and sometimes during the meeting as people reconnected or met for the first time. >


As we come out of the economic destruction of the pandemic, we struggle with scarcity in every part of the economy. Scarcity of raw materials, scarcity of transport, scarcity of components and scarcity of workers.

Think this isn’t serious? >

Pandemic Moms

Covid statistics are everywhere these days. Women (read Moms) are taking themselves out of the workforce in such numbers that since February 2020, 2.3mm women have left the workforce v. 1.8mm men. 196,000 women lost their jobs in December which was 86.3% of the job loss.* >

Being in the Moment

Sitting on the floor with my big puppy draped across my legs happily chewing in his bone, I am totally in the moment. Peace and joy. He is always in the moment. Want to go for a walk? He is instantly ready. Rub his ears, he is all in. There is so much to learn from our animal friends. >

Riding into 2021

If we all learned one thing in 2020, it was that we have darn little control over the waves we ride in on. Who knew last December that we would have a pandemic and all the economic effects that followed. We thought it would all blow over in 2 months and we would be back to our old lives. As we go riding into 2021 on the worst wave of the virus so far, what can we resolve for the new year? >

Focus, focus, focus!

As we near the end of the year, the distractions to focus are increasing not diminishing. Political instability is increasing not diminishing. The Covid crisis is increasing not diminishing. More people are hungry and losing jobs and unemployment is ending. What can we do?


Blame Covid…

7 months into WFH, hey, we didn’t even have an acronym for Work from Home 7 months ago, yes well as I was saying, so much has changed, yet it seems the “hereness,” the sameness, the “no end in sight-ness” continues. >