Are you right here, right now?

 I was talking to my daughter while making dinner the other night, and I remembered that I needed to send an email and oh I needed to get the butter out…this is when

Do you begin with the end in mind?

Did you get up this morning and have a result you were working for today? Or, do you have a goal you set to be completed this week? Did you make appointments with yourself during the week, and keep them so that you met your goal? Do you begin with the end in mind? My […]

Did you schedule creativity today?

If you are a leader of a company or organization, my guess is that you are on boards of non-profits, parent teacher organizations, councils for your church or temple, your golf club, your book club, scouting and more. And, why do you do so much?

Can we take back our lives from this email stranglehold?

Really, is that too much to ask? What if you didn’t get any new emails 30 minutes after the close of business hours and they didn’t start up again until 30 minutes before business hours began tomorrow morning? What if you actually had “business hours”-not 24/7/52?

Whack-a-Mole – Part 2

Last week we talked about how many CEO’s are really behaving like Chief Whack-a-Mole Officers. The same problem keeps popping up over and over again and they keep whacking it to no avail. And I shared some important questions you should ask yourself if you self-identified as a CWO. Your answers should begin to help […]