Short and then long

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Does it feel like whiplash sometimes switching from thinking short term then long term, then short and then long? Ai yai yai! This economy is crazy making. How do you manage your thinking and your response?


Where do you hold your stress?

Moving too fast?

Moving too fast? Not me. If I want to know something – the population of Mauritius- for example, I google it.* If I’m thinking of someone, I text. If I want to meet with someone, I send them an invite. My phone is closer to me than my husband and children. Not emotionally, but physically, […]

Slow down v. work differently

Do you regularly get the advice to slow down? I think I’ve been told that my whole life.  Especially by my Mother. There was a regular argument about how many activities I would jump into. She would tell me that I was going to get run down and catch “mono”. If you are snickering with […]

Strategy x scheduling

Nora Paller BizPie Blog

Sunday night you sit down and plan your whole week. You put the big rocks in first – the most important but not urgent long term thinking time. Maybe, you schedule 2  2-hour blocks on Tuesday and Thursday at your best thinking times for that long range project you never seem to get to. Then […]

Plan tight, process loose

Nora notepad

On Wednesday evening, Paul asked me what we are doing this weekend. Like many couples there is a planner and a spontaneous one, and you can guess who is who in our dynamic. I replied that I was planning to be sick this weekend. What???? I was getting the COVID booster Friday afternoon, so, yes, […]

Ducks in order?

As I look around my office and see the papers, and think about the closet that needs to be purged, I sigh….I need to put my ducks in order.

Take time to notice

On autopilot, are we? We stumble out of bed in a sleepy fog at 0-dark-30 and get through our morning routine by habit (habit is good). Then somewhere after or during the morning shower or maybe not until we turn on the car after our morning caffeine, we begin to wake up. Do we take […]

Are you over-committing?

Keeping commitments is a major factor in trustworthiness and accountability. It can be described as “Doing what you said you would do.” And then there is committing. You can do anything, but not everything. Some signs of over committing are: -not keeping your commitments (duh); -being grouchy or hard to be around; -not enjoying what […]

Are you right here, right now?

 I was talking to my daughter while making dinner the other night, and I remembered that I needed to send an email and oh I needed to get the butter out…this is when