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From Fireworks to Drones

Happy Independence Day!

It seems like another commodity is in short supply. Due to lack of materials and labor shortages, many communities have cancelled their fireworks shows or have moved from fireworks to drones. Yay ingenuity! >

Reunited, and it feels so good!

This weekend, about 85 Vistage Chairs with over 10 years of mastery got together in Boulder or on zoom to nourish our souls and fan the flame of the work we do at Keepers of the Flame. Wow! >

Is your normal “normal”?

The acupuncturist pushed her thumbs into the side of my hip and I yelped in pain. Acute, sharp pain. As she worked that area it was excruciating. When I went home I felt it open up and I was able to stretch it out. Three weeks later she did it again. How could I feel so normal when my hip was tied in knots? >

BIZ PIE – ingredients

I was asked recently why I called my company BIZPIE. As I paused to compose a response, a swirl of thoughts, memories and long held opinions jumbled up in my head. Like a fog that suddenly cleared, it came to me – because running a business is so darn hard. >

Start Stop Continue

In Vistage, we commonly use the start, stop, continue exercise for feedback – from our peers in the peer group meetings or with our teams as a way to gain awareness of behaviors that make us easier/harder to work with. >

Most/least likely

Whatever scenario you predicted was most likely or at least probable 6 months ago is probably not worth the paper it was written on. But then again, who uses paper these days?


Say “no” to clients

Does it scare you to say “no” to clients? This is the time to try it with great consideration for the consequences. Many times when you or your sales team says yes, the internal cost is extremely high. With the supply chain disrupted, salaries going up, price of gas soaring, etc., anything out of your sweet spot may need to be repriced or refused. >

Ahh Mothers’ Day – it’s complicated

“Wait til you have your own kids!” said my Mom and, “I hope you have 12 kids just like you!” And after a day spent with my young children she said, “Oh, my g-d, they are just like you!” 10 years to the day after she died, I still relish the comments my Mom made in exasperation. Ahhh Mother’s Day -it’s complicated. >

Life expectancy – yours

If you look up a life expectancy calculator like this one, and you put in your birthdate it will tell you on average how may more years you should live. Despite our arrogant human hubris that we will live forever, there will be an end one day. I know, not for you. >

Strategy x scheduling

Sunday night you sit down and plan your whole week. You put the big rocks in first – the most important but not urgent long term thinking time. Maybe, you schedule 2  2-hour blocks on Tuesday and Thursday at your best thinking times for that long range project you never seem to get to. Then Monday starts off with client issues and you don’t get one thing done you had scheduled for Monday. >