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Theory versus reality

Let’s say you decide to do something differently. You decide to go vegan to improve your health. You do a lot of research about foods you could eat and food you actually like to eat. You set a date to move over completely, or you slowly initiate more vegan meals. The reality is more complicated than the theory. >

Your words matter

As a leader within your organization and as a person out and about in the world, your words matter. We stopped for lunch on a long drive and the young waiter said to these 2 members of the older generation, “Hi guys, what can I get ya to drink?” Throughout the meal he used the honorific “you guys” in an other-wise perfectly acceptable service environment. It stuck in my craw. And, likely lowered his tip. >

Define what winning looks like

Perhaps it is clear in your mind what winning looks like in your organization. Perhaps, you think your team is aligned around the same vision. Do you test your assumptions? Do you ask them what winning looks like for them? >

The Hybrid Gap

Have you been hearing this too? Senior staff, long time individual contributors, newer employees – all saying they hate the mandatory return to work policy. They MUST be in the office 3 days/week. Pick any 3, just be there and do what they would have done at home so they can be AVAILABLE for collaboration. Then they go in their office/cubicle and work by themselves all day….say WHAT? >

Be a little wild

So much of our time is spent in controlled environments, we begin to believe we are in control of our world. Just around sunset, we had a visitor at our condo in Mammoth. This little bear was not particularly dangerous as it wandered through town looking for a trash can it could eat from. But, it was wild. Our dog was curious but kept his distance, then some other dog appeared and charged the bear and backed off when the bear turned on him.

Is there somewhere in your world that you need to be a little wild? >

Short and then long

Does it feel like whiplash sometimes switching from thinking short term then long term, then short and then long? Ai yai yai! This economy is crazy making. How do you manage your thinking and your response? >

GPT – chat with me

If you are not exploring Chat-GPT and other applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you are already way behind. Does it matter/? Well, yes! In my Vistage CEO meetings this month, we spent 2 hours discussing what they have discovered and how they are using it within their companies.  We learned from some of the smartest people we know – our fellow Vistage members – new ways to use Chat-GPT to get ahead of other businesses who aren’t deep into the exploration. >

Retaining your best team members

Layoffs in the tech sector, and fears of a recession have slowed down people jumping jobs. Perhaps a temporary lull according to Joe Galvin, Vistage Chief Research Officer. But, retaining your best team members should always be a high priority. Want some best practices around retention? >

Celebrating your peers

It has been 4 years since the Vistage Members in L.A. county got together for a Vistage Executive Summit, and this was a super event. The hotel was great, staff was so friendly and so competent and it was great to meet Vistage Members who were not in your own group. Every Vistage Member takes at least a day a month to be with their peers working on getting better as leaders and running their organizations. Meeting a room full of fellow Vistage Members, peers who are aligned with your goals to be better in leadership and business is pretty sweet. >

Give Finance some love

For most of the US, taxes were due last week. For most counties in California, all returns AND tax payments have been delayed until October. Yay for us, not so good for the tax preparers come September. So let’s give Finance some love now. >