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Opportunity to fail

The supply chain is not the only place where our pipeline is jammed up. The pandemic forced businesses to hunker down and many projects were put on hold. Now that we can see daylight, hiring and promotions can be considered again. In light of the demand for labor, promotions must be offered or team members will jump to organizations where they have an opportunity – We have to offer them too, even if it is an opportunity to fail. >

Leadership advice from Colin Powell

General Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke to my 3 Vistage groups this week and the take-aways were fantastic. Well actually, it was a pre-recorded interview with Vistage CEO Sam Reese that we watched at home and discussed at the meetings. But still, the take-aways were excellent! >

Infrastructure getting fixed? Yes!

When I saw the big trucks around the corner I got really excited. Oh boy, street paving. I know how geeky that sounds, But, I live in an old neighborhood, where the water pipes are 75 years old and break in the middle of the night. The transformer blew at the corner and it took 5 days of power outage in 100 degree heat before there was a temporary fix. The concrete streets have been overlaid with asphalt, and they fall apart every 4 years. >

To decide

For linguistic geeks like me, it is interesting to ponder the origin of the word “decide.” Decide comes from latin. The root -“cide” is to kill, “de” is choice. So to decide is to kill choice. Isn’t that curious? >

Labor Day

How ironic that this Labor Day all employers can talk about is labor shortages. Promising talent is being picked off with unsolicited offers for way more than their current salaries, and entry level workers cannot be found. Add to that, the national employment level is 6.1 million lower than before COVID. Nationally, we have 10 million open jobs with 8.6 million unemployed. This ain’t going to be easy to fix. >

“Servant” Leadership

I am a big fan of servant leadership, so I was quite interested in reading “The Motive” by Patrick Lencioni. This is his new book and it is about Leadership. According to Lencioni, all great leadership is servant leadership so it is time to drop the adjective: servant. >

Ducks in order?

As I look around my office and see the papers, and think about the closet that needs to be purged, I sigh….I need to put my ducks in order. >

Role changes

Your company grew 30% so far this year. Yahoo! Guess what? This may cause role changes for you. Are you good with that? >

Depends on how you look at it…

Living in an area with mature trees is a real pleasure, especially during the hot days of summer. Look at the palm trees in the picture. They are over 60 feet tall. Notice the ivy climbing all the way to the top? That is pretty unusual. Is it a good thing, or a bad thing? Well, It depends on how you look at it… >