Celebrating your peers

Nora Group 4

It has been 4 years since the Vistage Members in L.A. county got together for a Vistage Executive Summit, and this was a super event. The hotel was great, staff was so friendly and so competent and it was great to meet Vistage Members who were not in your own group. Every Vistage Member takes […]

When does a leader emerge?

Usually, a situation, perhaps a crisis, demands a leader to merge. In the banking crises of the last 2 week, the FDIC, the Fed, and the President, all who have designated roles, emerged to address the situation. Top bank leaders emerged to back up First Republic (albeit with the deposits that fled to them from […]

Fear of being seen

From the time we are born, we are instructed in who we should be to be accepted. We learn not to cry for no reason, how to walk, where and when to eat and pee. Once we learn to talk, we are told when we can talk, when not to talk. As grown ups, we […]

Be-Do-Have strategy

Nora Paller BizPie Blog

In Vistage we have an exercise called be-do-have where in a particular situation you evaluate who are you being? what are you doing? and what do you have to get to a result? In relation to your goals for 2023, what is your be-do-have strategy?

Living on Hope

Entrepreneurs live like orchids who pull moisture out of the air to survive.  They pull an idea out of thin air and make it a reality. They live in an alternate reality of the idea they can see in their heads. And, they make a few other people believe in their dream and become part […]


Duty is not a concept we discuss much these days. With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II of England this week, her example of duty to god and country has been widely honored, and seen as the passing of an era. Did the concept of duty pass with her? Duty was what got her generation […]

Take too long?

Is this you? You take too long to make a decision. You get anxious that you don’t have all the necessary data. You feel great pressure to make the perfect choice. You enjoy researching the options more than actually choosing which one to go with? You agonize about the consequence of a bad choice. If […]

Mulally is Magic

Friday, Vistage launched a one hour interview by Sam Reese, Vistage’s CEO, with Alan Mulally who led Boeing for many profitable years and then turned around Ford Motor Company. Watch it today if you are in the Vistage community. Mulally is Magic.


This has been a week of unbelievable, sad, scary and very public miscalculations. The Ukrainians bought Putin’s claim that he wouldn’t invade. Big miscalculation.  Putin miscalculated the resolve of the Ukrainian people and the unity and the resolve of NATO. The consequences will be death, destruction and a reordering of the whole world order. At […]

Your “team one”

It made sense when Patrick Lencioni said it, and it made sense when I read it in The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team 20 years ago, but it still is not common business practice. Your executive leadership team – the CEO and your peers,  must be your “team one”, not your division or your direct reports. […]