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Confirmation bias

How often do you catch yourself looking for only those opinions that agree with your own? That, my friend, would be confirmation bias: only looking/listening

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The value of things

Two days ago, our cruise ship, the Viking Mars pulled into Lofoten, Norway, where fishing for Arctic Cod has been a mainstay for over 1000

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Nora Paller Blog Words Matter

Your words matter

As a leader within your organization and as a person out and about in the world, your words matter. We stopped for lunch on a

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Nora Paller blog

The Hybrid Gap

Have you been hearing this too? Senior staff, long time individual contributors, newer employees – all saying they hate the mandatory return to work policy.

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Be a little wild

So much of our time is spent in controlled environments, we begin to believe we are in control of our world. Just around sunset, we

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