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Your daily oasis

When I was a young, driven CEO with 2 small children, the idea of taking time for myself each day was laughable. My “me time”

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Hate is easier

Hate is easier than love. I guess that is just how humans roll. Love can get you killed. The Bible/Torah says love thy neighbor as

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Create agency

When the pandemic sent millions of people to work from home, each one had to figure out how to connect in to work with perhaps

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He quit????

It feels like a gut punch. You get a call from an important, trusted team member and it is not business as usual. He calls

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How old is old?

I was in my teens when the mantra was “don’t trust anyone over 30”. Y2K was going to crash the internet but it didn’t. Singing

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Survey says?

If you ever watched Family Feud, you are familiar with the phrase “survey says?”. Contestants guessed the most popular answers to surveys taken of a

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Every day habits

Play that old game with me where you take a phrase and change the emphasis on the key word to explore how that changes the

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Preparing FOR change

The rains have started as Hurricane Hilary moves on shore into California. The path has shifted east so Los Angeles will not be in the

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