Sensemaking is a leadership skill

In a Vistage webinar on Friday, Dave Nelson commented that in the list of required leadership skills for successful leaders, perhaps the most important one in this moment, beyond, vision, drive, effective decisionmaking, ability to attract and retain top talent, etc. was sensemaking. His talk was about AI, but this captured my attention immediately. What […]

Execute like a project management pro

Let’s be honest, a great strategy poorly executed doesn’t make it versus your competitors. A pretty good strategy well executed will beat you every time. So, shouldn’t you be focused on executing more effectively? Sure you say, but how?   This week Andrea Jones showed my Vistage groups how to Execute Easier. Becoming more organized […]

Beginner’s mind

How fun is it to learn something new? Whether it is how to use AI to craft a better story, or a new video game or, for my husband Paul, a new mirrorless camera? A beginner’s mind is totally engaged and excited.

Define what winning looks like

Nora Paller blog

Perhaps it is clear in your mind what winning looks like in your organization. Perhaps, you think your team is aligned around the same vision. Do you test your assumptions? Do you ask them what winning looks like for them?

GPT – chat with me

Nora Paller BizPie Blog

If you are not exploring Chat-GPT and other applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you are already way behind. Does it matter/? Well, yes! In my Vistage CEO meetings this month, we spent 2 hours discussing what they have discovered and how they are using it within their companies.  We learned from some of the smartest […]

Schedule fun!

It shocks me how few business leaders plan fun into their busy schedules. Somehow, they think fun will just show up. Maybe it does for you. If not, let’s plan some laughs for 2023.

From Fireworks to Drones

Happy Independence Day! It seems like another commodity is in short supply. Due to lack of materials and labor shortages, many communities have cancelled their fireworks shows or have moved from fireworks to drones. Yay ingenuity!