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Achieving goals with “BE-DO-HAVE” exercise

Have you ever set a goal year after year and not achieved it? Losing 10 pounds shows up for many people as sure as the sun comes up in the morning. Why is that? For most of us, we know what to do, we just don’t actually do it because it is really hard, it requires more thought and careful planning than we have allotted, or other habits trump this goal. >

Schedule fun!

It shocks me how few business leaders plan fun into their busy schedules. Somehow, they think fun will just show up. Maybe it does for you. If not, let’s plan some laughs for 2023. >


Late for a meeting I suddenly realized that I had been clinching my stomach for a very long time – maybe an hour. I took several deep breaths and pushed them through my belly. Ahhh! That felt better. Do you clinch your belly, your fists, your shoulders, your breath? >

What’s bugging you?

Many of us are on a continuous journey to get better. When you have a lot of people who work with you, it can be much more complicated to improve the company. You may be known for rushing in, making suggestions for improvement and rushing on to the next area. Or you may patiently ask for suggestions and the room goes quiet. Start with “what’s bugging you?” Pick one thing and come up with a fix. >


This has been one of the toughest weeks I’ve had in 30 years. Perhaps you noticed that I did not post last week. I was knocked out with COVID and sleeping 20 hours a day. It got worse on Monday and I went to the ER where they gave meĀ  IV fluids and assured me I wasn’t going to die. I had become crazy dehydrated. Just rest and drink fluids. >

Moving too fast?

Moving too fast? Not me. If I want to know something – the population of Mauritius- for example, I google it.* If I’m thinking of someone, I text. If I want to meet with someone, I send them an invite. My phone is closer to me than my husband and children. Not emotionally, but physically, for sure. >

Ahh Mothers’ Day – it’s complicated

“Wait til you have your own kids!” said my Mom and, “I hope you have 12 kids just like you!” And after a day spent with my young children she said, “Oh, my g-d, they are just like you!” 10 years to the day after she died, I still relish the comments my Mom made in exasperation. Ahhh Mother’s Day -it’s complicated. >

Roll with it

Last night driving back from the first dressy event we have been to in 2 1/2 years, Paul swerved but could not avoid something in the lane and ran over it with the right front tire. Boom! It was not a box. It was part of a desk or a book shelf. We thought we had popped the tire. Luckily, we were a mile from our exit and made it home. Just, roll with it, right? No one was hurt. We could deal with it in the morning. >

“Plan” better habits

All you spontaneous types, listen up. If you want to have more energy, or get more focus, or be strategic not reactive, it won’t just happen. You have to plan better habits if you want to see change. >

Not going back

Driving to an in-person meeting Friday morning through rush hour traffic, I realized that I was not going back to a daily commute. Luckily I was able to use my transponder to avoid about 10 minutes of super stop-and-go on the 10 freeway, and I got there on time. But, news to me: I don’t enjoy driving anymore!