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As we come out of the economic destruction of the pandemic, we struggle with scarcity in every part of the economy. Scarcity of raw materials, scarcity of transport, scarcity of components and scarcity of workers.

Think this isn’t serious? >

Exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed

The sign-in sheet for my group meeting was filled with feeling words and issues all related to members being exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. Just as it seems we are about to come out of what seems like a decade of Covid, just as there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the way seems harder, almost unsurmountable. Why is that and what do we do about it? >

Pandemic Moms

Covid statistics are everywhere these days. Women (read Moms) are taking themselves out of the workforce in such numbers that since February 2020, 2.3mm women have left the workforce v. 1.8mm men. 196,000 women lost their jobs in December which was 86.3% of the job loss.* >

Shot of hope

Rain poured down at 5 p.m. as we joined the double-line of cars snaking into Dodger Stadium for our 5:10 appointments for the Moderna Covid vaccine. Paul plugged in his phone and we continued listening to the book we’ve been listening to on our long drives to Mammoth – the Splendid and the Vile – about London under attack during WW2. It seemed exceedingly appropriate to listen to as we have sheltered from the attack of Covid. >


A new year, turn over a new leaf, leave the pandemic behind….as we began January, hope was in the air. I was feeling motivated, focused, grateful. >

Kindness and Miracles

The kids asked us recently what we want for Xmas, and honestly, I want nothing! I wipe the floor with the tears I shed in gratitude for all the blessings I have received in my life. Many charities are gasping to survive during the pandemic. What I want is kindness and miracles. >

“Keeping on…”

It seems like the unrelenting anxiety that many of us felt around the election may be easing. Yet, even if you are a Biden supporter, the win didn’t make for any substantial change to the underlying cause of the stress. We still have a growing Covid pandemic that is devastating our people and the economy. We probably won’t have a vaccine until next spring and it could be 6 months until we have enough people vaccinated to create herd immunity. As a small business owner told me yesterday, her only option is resilience: just “keeping on…” >

Find joy

I didn’t realize I was in a rut until outside forces changed my evergreen pandemic life-style. Wake up, work out or walk, or not. Get on zoom calls all day. Take the puppy out for 2 10 minute training walks. Make and eat dinner. Check emails. Go to bed. Repeat. With not much variation, that has been my life since March. >

One small step

When I was developing my brand with the help of the amazing Emily Aiken of the Story Studio, I could not figure out how to structure my blog at Word Press. Neither Emily nor Michelle Sherman*, who were my accountable group, could fathom that I didn’t know how to take this one small step to start the project. They helped me get a website and word press developer and I was on my way. >