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Ahh Mothers’ Day – it’s complicated

“Wait til you have your own kids!” said my Mom and, “I hope you have 12 kids just like you!” And after a day spent with my young children she said, “Oh, my g-d, they are just like you!” 10 years to the day after she died, I still relish the comments my Mom made in exasperation. Ahhh Mother’s Day -it’s complicated. >

Roll with it

Last night driving back from the first dressy event we have been to in 2 1/2 years, Paul swerved but could not avoid something in the lane and ran over it with the right front tire. Boom! It was not a box. It was part of a desk or a book shelf. We thought we had popped the tire. Luckily, we were a mile from our exit and made it home. Just, roll with it, right? No one was hurt. We could deal with it in the morning. >

“Plan” better habits

All you spontaneous types, listen up. If you want to have more energy, or get more focus, or be strategic not reactive, it won’t just happen. You have to plan better habits if you want to see change. >

Not going back

Driving to an in-person meeting Friday morning through rush hour traffic, I realized that I was not going back to a daily commute. Luckily I was able to use my transponder to avoid about 10 minutes of super stop-and-go on the 10 freeway, and I got there on time. But, news to me: I don’t enjoy driving anymore!



As we come out of the economic destruction of the pandemic, we struggle with scarcity in every part of the economy. Scarcity of raw materials, scarcity of transport, scarcity of components and scarcity of workers.

Think this isn’t serious? >

Exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed

The sign-in sheet for my group meeting was filled with feeling words and issues all related to members being exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. Just as it seems we are about to come out of what seems like a decade of Covid, just as there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the way seems harder, almost unsurmountable. Why is that and what do we do about it? >

Pandemic Moms

Covid statistics are everywhere these days. Women (read Moms) are taking themselves out of the workforce in such numbers that since February 2020, 2.3mm women have left the workforce v. 1.8mm men. 196,000 women lost their jobs in December which was 86.3% of the job loss.* >

Shot of hope

Rain poured down at 5 p.m. as we joined the double-line of cars snaking into Dodger Stadium for our 5:10 appointments for the Moderna Covid vaccine. Paul plugged in his phone and we continued listening to the book we’ve been listening to on our long drives to Mammoth – the Splendid and the Vile – about London under attack during WW2. It seemed exceedingly appropriate to listen to as we have sheltered from the attack of Covid. >