More planning, fewer mistakes

This week my Vistage groups were delighted to learn from Marc Emmer about the Secret Sauce. In the intersecting circles of short term vs long term thinking there is a sweet spot where both are in balance and true magic happens. That is where the secret sauce is made. Only about 2% of companies seem […]

It’s squirrelly out there

Talking to 30+ CEO’s each month, in a variety of industries gives me a particular view of the economy that doesn’t always correlate with the national press. Often described as Main Street, not Wall Street, the best poll that aggregates their feelings is the Vistage/Wall Street Journal poll that many of my Members participate in. […]

Define what winning looks like

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Perhaps it is clear in your mind what winning looks like in your organization. Perhaps, you think your team is aligned around the same vision. Do you test your assumptions? Do you ask them what winning looks like for them?

Managing your speed

Skiing down a wide intermediate run at June Mountain. our friend Denis was topping 46 mph on a beautiful bluebird day. I didn’t try to keep up but was not far behind. Non-skiers would ask if that was safe, and if we were wearing helmets. Yes and yes. It is all about managing your speed.

Tricky to forecast 2023

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For the last month, I have been repeatedly asked my guess on the economy in 2023. Will we go into recession? Should the business leaders I coach go all out, stay on course or pull back severely? It is tricky to forecast 2023. Depending on the industry, and the company any of the above could […]

Living on Hope

Entrepreneurs live like orchids who pull moisture out of the air to survive.  They pull an idea out of thin air and make it a reality. They live in an alternate reality of the idea they can see in their heads. And, they make a few other people believe in their dream and become part […]

Managing amidst the uncertainty…

What an interesting week! Twitter falling apart, tech companies laying off, inflation stabilizing but high, stock market going up, mid-term elections going calmly – so much happening. Add to that the continuing Russian defeats, meeting of global leaders over climate change and Xi and Biden about to meet in Indonesia, Hard to know the best […]

Revenue is for vanity, profit is for sanity…..

Vistage Speaker Doug Butdorf from Boost Profits grabbed my groups’ total attention when he said “revenue is for vanity,  profit is for sanity”. Then, he gave us strategy, and execution to be more profitable. Wow! How about this: do you have regularly scheduled meetings to discuss pricing? 2 hands went up. Do you have regular […]

The advantage of a vista

Hiking in the Sierra is one of the best places I know to get the advantage of a vista. From Monterey Vista trail you can see all the way up the middle fork of the San Joaquin River to the Pass that goes to Yosemite.

Most/least likely

Nora Paller BizPie Blog

Whatever scenario you predicted was most likely or at least probable 6 months ago is probably not worth the paper it was written on. But then again, who uses paper these days?